Sister Location Online

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About Sister Location Online

Sister Location Online is not the real Fnaf game by Scott Cawthon. It is only an exciting demo which provides some early nights. If you want to enjoy the full game, you can visit here to add it to your cart. After you leave the elevator, you can start the part-time job that you have gotten. Work at an underground restaurant named Circus Baby’s Pizza World, you have to complete all of the objectives of a late night technician instead of watching the facility or the building from the office as you did in other Five Nights at Freddy’s. Be careful of all of the animatronics because they are very dangerous! They can put an end to your life without difficulty. Try your best to move and act wisely to defend yourself and survive within many hours! Let’s play the challenge online for free right now! Good luck!

How to play

Use W to crawl, Shift and W to move faster, S to come back, Q to skip the cut scene, 2 after the game begins to set night to 2.

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