FNaF Fishing Clicker DEMO

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0.1 for Android

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December. 09, 2017

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Android 2.3.2+

Download FNaF Fishing Clicker DEMO

FNaF Fishing Clicker

FNaF Fishing Clicker DEMO is a good Fnaf Apk game which is available for you to download and enjoy your way without difficulty! Meanwhile, its music and graphics are based on FNaF World, an amusing spin-off owned by Scott Cawthon. You will not take part in survival horror matches against animatronic characters anymore. But, you are joining a fun-addicting challenge with FNaF Fishing Clicker DEMO. In which, you will control a friendly robot known as Freddy (or Bonnie). The main aim that you are required to implement and fulfill in that adventure is contrasting with Fnaf series. You are asked to catch as many fishes as possible. Before you achieve the goal, you do not forget to find the target and aim so that you are able to release the bait accurately. Are you ready to give him a hand and conquer the version with the highest score? Access and set your record smartly!

Download FNaF Fishing Clicker DEMO

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