Scary Nights is also a horror adventure game that takes an inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. Prepare yourself for this challenge and take this chance to test your surviving skill once again. The game is completely free to download, so let’s install it on your Android device with an APK file now!

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1.1 for Android

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October. 10, 2018

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Android 4.1+

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In Scary Nights game, you take on the role of a security man taking a night shift and working at a scary building. Just like FNAF game, you have to watch over this place as well as make sure that there is no accident happening to the building. The job starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 6:00 AM, you will spend some scary nights there trying to finish the mission.

Scary Nights

You stay in an office with a camera system, lights, and doors. You thought this was a simple job but then you realize how tough it is when you have to face a lot of wicked animatronics roaming the building at night. They are all good robots during the daytime, but when the night comes, they become unpredictable and tend to dangerous. The only way to track the movement of the animatronics is to watch over the cameras and you will know where they are in the building. You’d better watch their movement carefully as well as make sure they won’t enter your office, or else you will get jumpscared, causing the game to be over.

It won’t be easy to surpass all the scary nights in the game. You should prepare some good strategies in advance and play with a brave heart to overcome all challenges. The main objective is to complete your job and become the ultimate winner.


Scary Nights contain some great features for you to explore:

Single-player mode

  • An interesting and engaging story to discover.
  • There are four discrepant maps with different difficulties to conquer.
  • Enjoy a wonderful free roam mode.
  • Lots of different levels to go through
  • The creatures become much more hostile and dangerous.

Multiplayer mode

  • You will have an awesome multiplayer experience.
  • Feel free to pick your own creepy character, even including premiums.
  • There are up to 12 characters in each room.
  • Future game mode inclusions.
  • Feel free to invite friends to play with you.

Scary Nights APK Free Download

Scary Nights APK Free Download gets you through another scary adventure. You can download and play this FNAF-inspired game on your mobile device with an APK file. Put your surviving skill to a test and see how many nights you can beat!

Download Scary Nights

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