Run Run Freddy 5 is a great mobile app game that is free to download and installable on an Android device using an APK file. The game was made to satisfy all the desire of the players who are the big fans of Freddy Fazbear and love to play all FNAF games. You will surely earn yourself a huge amount of fun once downloading and enjoying Run Run Freddy game.

About Run Run Freddy 5

Download version

1.2 for Android

Last updated

July. 17, 2017

Apk size

48.7 MB

Developer (Author)

Roberto Appli

User rating

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Android support version

Android 4.1+

Download Run Run Freddy 5

As mentioned above, Run Run Freddy 5 is another FNAF game where you will meet all the famous animatronics that used to jumpcare you in FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. There are numerous characters awaiting you ahead. All you have to do is to control the night guard through a complex maze full of animatronics. You must make smart movements and make sure you won’t touch any swords or animatronics while moving. If you touch them, the game will be over, causing you to restart it from scratch. There are many stars on your way, feel free to pick them up and try to get to the gold to finish a level, so you can proceed to the next one.

Run Run Freddy 5

There are three power-ups that surely help you overcome the in-game challenges, including speedy, life and shield. Speedy allows you to make a seed boost easily, the shield will protect you from the enemy attacks, and life can help you continue the adventure. Make sure you utilize the power-ups carefully to surpass all the challenges. The game features 15 levels with different difficulties. Can you conquer all of them to become the winner? Give it a shot!

In-game features

  • There are 15 different levels getting you through a lot of challenges.
  • Easy and simple control to master! You just simply touch any place on the screen.
  • The background music is so nice and wonderful.
  • There are three power-ups you can use to overcome the challenges, including shield, speedy and life.
  • The game is completely free to download and very fun for not only adults but also for children.

Run Run Freddy 5 APK Free Download

Run Run Freddy 5 is available with an APK file that is free to download. The game brings you joy, fun, and amusement when playing. Also, you will meet the animatronics again and try to run away from them. With 15 different levels, surely your skills will be carefully tested!

Download Run Run Freddy 5

Special and big thanks to mrtermi988.deviantart, danj16.deviantart and fnaf-mlp-crossovers.deviantart from devianart for giving an allowance to utilize their own art images.

Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. The app adheres to the guiding principles of the US Copyright law “fair use”.

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