Are there any fans of Fnaf MCPE out there? You should quickly check out a brand new map for FNaF MCPE brought to you by Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE – a downloadable APK file for free! This map promises to bring you further challenges to conquer, and you will have more confrontations with terrible animatronics.

Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE

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1.5.2812 for Android

Last updated

April. 17, 2018

Apk size

34.5 MB

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Android support version

Android 4.0.3+

Download Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE

About Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE

Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE

In this new APK app file, you will be taken to a pizzeria where you face off against large tangled labyrinths MCPE FNAF, long dark corridors, as well as wicked animatronics. With this Minecraft PE map, you will surely experience the maximum horror, so prepare yourself for this new adventure now.

If you are looking for a hide-and-seek game to play with your friends, then the MCPE map a Pizza will be a perfect one for you. It’s free to load the map for Minecraft PE, so you can invite your friends to come to enjoy it with you and try your hardest to uncover all mysteries of this Pizza map Minecraft PE FNAF. In the game, you can even search for the killer in this map FNAF add-on or become his victim. What you do will have an effect on the consequence! Therefore, you must do everything in a careful way if you aim at victory.

Download Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE APK for free

Fnaf Pizzeria Map for MPCE APK game is totally free to download. Once you use the APK file to try this new map for a new adventure, you will find it very easy to upgrade the whole game. Furthermore, the APKPure app also brings you a fast and free gaming experience, and your internet data will be saved a lot.
Download Fnaf Pizzeria map for MCPE

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