Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is the third installment in FNaF series. It was officially released by Scott Cawthon in March 2015 on the Steam platform, followed by the versions for Android and iOS devices. If you want to enjoy this third chapter on your Android device, you can download it with the APK file! FNAF 3 APK full download is already accessible for free, you should grab a chance to get it now then jump into a new adventure with creepy challenges to conquer!

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March 9, 2018

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Scott Cawthon

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Android 15 or above

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About Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

As the third installment in Five Nights at Freddy’s series, it will bring you a brand new storyline about an entertaining place loved by the kids and adults. After 30 years of being closed down, all the occurrences of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant became nothing but just the childhood memory of most people. Another horror show is being debuted as a perfect replacement for the previous restaurant, and it’s called Fazbear’s Fright. The owners of this new place want to revive the legend and make the place more terrifying than ever. They want you to help them watch over the entire new building at night, and your job is to make sure that nothing will go wrong.

You take on the role of a newly hired worker at Fazbear’s Fright, and you are tasked with getting through a whole week of night shifts, from 12 AM to 6 AM. You need to observe the facility when you sit in your security office by utilizing security cameras that were positioned in the rooms and air vents. There are three operating systems you must observe, such as cameras, audio, and ventilation. You need to reboot them when they start getting malfunctioned. You may find it hard a bit to cope with those tasks at the same time, however, there is something much more dangerous you will face during your work shift.

About Five Nights at Freddy's 3

In this third chapter, you won’t deal with lots of animatronic characters just like the first two chapters. This time, there is only one animatronic called Springtrap. He is known as Spring Bonnie that got completely damaged, and he will show up with the terrible appearance. Springtrap can enter your office from both sides, therefore, you must keep track of him carefully using the cameras, and make sure he won’t sneak into your place, or else you will get jumpscared, causing the game to be over. In addition, you probably catch sight of some animatronics from the former games. They also come back in this third chapter as the hallucinations. They will try to make the system get malfunctioned, mostly in the ventilation, but they can’t harm you.

Camera problems cause the video feeds, already poorly lit and distorted, to become totally obscured by static. If the ventilation fails, the player’s vision begins to black out. The player may also see phantoms of animatronics from the previous games; these can cause system malfunctions, most commonly in the ventilation, but cannot directly harm the player. There are five nights in total for you to play! You must try your hardest to survive them all, fight off Springtrap, complete your job, get paid and become the winner of the game.


  • There is only one main animatronic in the third chapter.
  • There are no controllable doors or lights.
  • The vents can be sealed off.
  • The audio can be played
  • The in-game systems can be rebooted.

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App Permissions

FNaF 3 APK needs several permissions on your device:

  • Open network sockets.
  • Gain access to the information about networks.
  • Keep the processor from sleeping or keep the screen from dimming.
  • Gain access to the vibrator.
  • Read/write the system settings.

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