Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK is a wonderful dating sim revolving around the famous animatronic characters coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s series. FNAF Dating Sim is a popular game series created by fans and it’s inspired by Scott Cawthon’s FNaF. This time, you can jump into sweet dates with the animatronics on your Android devices via the APK file rather than playing it on your PC.

Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK Information

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Feb. 02, 2018

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JCSoft Inc.

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Android 9 or above

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About Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK

Valentine’s Day is coming! You play as a night security guard seeking a lover for the Valentine’s Day. There are many animatronics for you to find and date. They are roaming everything in the building at night, and you only have 5 nights to find one for yourself. When you’re at work, make sure you visit a lot of rooms to search for the animatronics. Once you meet them, you can do a lot of stuff to them, like talking to them or even giving them lovely gifts in order to gain their love. While doing so, make sure you pay attention to your energy as it runs out through over time. If you’re running low on it, just end the night quickly then you can start the next one with another full energy bar. Keep interacting with the animatronics until they completely fall for your love.

About Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK

To gift the animatronics with lovely things, you can use your money to buy stuff. However, you won’t have an infinite amount of money, therefore, you should sweep the halls to earn some then use it to purchase gifts for your favorite animatronics. Just do whatever it takes to make the animatronics fall in love with you, which helps you achieve the main goal of the game.

In-game features

  • Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK has just been updated with 3 brand new characters and 3 brand new endings added to the game.
  • The Android SDK was also updated too.
  • There are 16 different characters for you to explore.
  • The game has 19 discrepant endings with 19 different routes.
  • With the word leaderboard, you will find out if your love skills are way better than other players’ all over the world or not. Take a look at the leaderboard then you will know how great your skills are!
  • There are many secrets and surprises that you need to unlock.
  • There is an endless amount of possibilities you can try!

Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK Free Download

Are you ready to meet and chase your love? Let’s download Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK file then install it on your Android device to experience a sweet love quest! You will meet many famous animatronics from FNaF series and do whatever it takes to make them fall in love with you. Give it a try now!

Download Five Tries At Love Dating Sim APK

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