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Five Nights with Froggy

Five Nights with Froggy for Android by GKProduction is available for all to play. It is a fantastic action game inspired by FNAF games.

The story happens behind secrets after some strange old toys from the late King Froggold the First are brought to the Fairy Kingdom. They are the gift to the royale kids. While the children feel happy to enjoy with them, something wicked rises up.

For you, since buying a modern apartment, you really need a good job. Therefore, you determine to work at the building of the richest man in Prague. However, a few vandals have recently invaded his enchanting garden.

Download FNAF Five Nights with Froggy APK for free and you accept to become a night guard at that place. You are hired to watch over the area and make sure that nobody can come in. Your quest will be explained by the main servant of King Froggold the Second.

Are you ready to find out the relationship between those items and the mission that you are assigned? Always defend yourself and survive until you fulfill your task!

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