Five Nights at Flappy’s is another free-to-download game with an APK file. Inspired by Flappy Bird – a famous addictive game on the Internet, this one surely keeps you engaged for hours and will bring you a lot of fantastic challenges. Can you believe that an animatronic can fly ? It’s hard to believe, right? But in Five Nights at Flappy’s, they are able to fly through a space full of impediments.

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June. 27, 2017

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Catsmeat Games

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Android 2.3.4+

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Five Nights at Flappy’s is an amazing and awesome FNAF game that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are a big fan of FNAF series by Scott Cawthon. The game is all about the animatronics flying through a large space full of obstacles. Just like Flappy Bird game, rather than controlling a bird, you take control of an animatronic and help him/her fly. Make sure that your animatronic grab as much pizza as possible when flying, also, you need to ensure that they won’t touch any killer pipes, or else it will be a game over for you immediately.

Five Nights at Flappy's

You must direct your animatronic skillfully, stay fully focused on the adventure and make sure you get past all the challenges. With a huge amount pizza you gather, you can totally unlock dozens of brand new characters, and each of them has their own characteristics. Keep your animatronic flying and try not to cause any mistakes during the adventure if you want to reach the farther distance.

It’s hard to believe that an animatronic can fly, however in this game, you will totally get surprised by this ability of the animatronics. Try your hardest to take control of them carefully and keep them flying!

Note: Don’t take it to heart as it’s just a work of parody made for entertainment purposes only.


  • You will enjoy awesome and trendy pixel graphics with amazing effects
  • Familiar yet addictive gameplay mechanics.
  • There are up to 20 adorable characters to unlock
  • Daily Pizzachinko game to experience
  • Plenty of achievements to unlock and win

 Five Nights at Flappy’s APK Free Download

Download Five Nights at Flappy’s APK for free with an APK file then install it on your Android device. You will join an awesome adventure with the animatronics, and try to control them, keep them flying through lots of challenges to gather as much pizza as possible then use the pizza to unlock brand new characters. The challenge is on! Give it a shot now!

Download Five Nights at Flappy’s

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