Emoji Five Nights Survival is another survival adventure game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. The game is totally downloadable and installable on your Android device using an APK file. You will spend creepy nights at the Emoji Hotel, and this is going be an awesome yet scary experience.

About Emoji Five Nights Survival

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1.2 for Android

Last updated

June. 26, 2018

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32.2 MB

Developer (Author)

Digi-Chain Games

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Android support version

Android 4.1+

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Emoji Five Nights Survival puts you in the shoes of a night watchman working at the Emoji Hotel for five nights. Each night lasts 6 hours, from 12 AM to 6 AM, and you must ensure that the hotel is completely safe during the night. Just like FNAF games, your job is not simple, it’s not all about watching over a hotel without doing anything. In fact, you must safeguard it and protect yourself at the same time. There are some angry emojis that keep bothering you while you are at work. If you have no plans to cope with them, you may end up dying easily, causing the game to be over.

Emoji Five Nights Survival

The wicked emojis start roaming the hotel from this room to another one, and their objective is to jumpscare you. Therefore, you must do whatever it takes to survive these wicked enemies. You are armed with security cameras, so watch and track the movement of the emojis on those cameras. Also, you need to utilize your trackers to spot the whereabouts of the enemies. Make sure to close the doors in time to prevent them from entering your office and attacking you. Don’t forget to prepare some strategies in advance, develop them throughout the course of the game, then use them to outplay all the hostile emojis. You only have five-night shifts, so try your hardest to survive them all and reach the end of the week.

In-game characters

There are four angry and hostile emoji characters that you will come across in Emoji Five Nights Survival, including:

  • Smiley Emoji
  • Poo Emoji
  • Crying Emoji
  • Devil Emoji


  • Five scary night shifts to survive
  • Wonderful graphics, effects, together with creepy sounds
  • Four hostile emoji characters to face off against
  • The app is completely free to download.

Emoji Five Nights Survival APK Free Download

Emoji Five Nights Survival can be regarded as another FNAF clone. The game is totally free to download with an APK file, and you can install it on your Android device to enjoy the scary adventure where you will come across four wicked emoji characters that try to put your life to an end. Download the game now then see how many nights you can survive!

Download Emoji Five Nights Survival

Emoji Five Nights Survival
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